Acting Course for Children

This is course for children : Age 9 Years to 14 Years
Duration : One Year
Classes : Once in a Week
Diploma in Acting : Course is Designed Considering that the student joining the course, are fresh from schools
This course would help a Student:
1.To Discover their hidden acting potential , To get in touch with the self
2.To enhance sensitivity
Acting programme will enable a student to draw from his/her own creativity and attain proficiency in capturing and fascinating the audience through powerful portrayal of human emotions.
The classes will be held on physical fitness, yoga, voice modulations, music and Theatre acting.
The main objective will be to provide well trained actors suitable to the growing demands of the Film and Television Industry.
Considering that the student joining the course, are fresh from schools it is important to draw their attention to the realities, they will be facing by choosing the career of Acting in Theatre , Film and Television Industry.
All the theoretical topics are supported by Practical, Emphasis is given on Practical exercises for the course.
We use multimedia presentations, illustrations, stories, guided tours and any other Audio Visual means during the course. Interaction with students is also vital to make the subject interesting.
Our first objective of is to understand student ability or limitation. This will help us to evaluate a student progress, both qualitative and quantitative for an assignment.
Children in Big Art Acting School learn to make friends and interact with others around. In the initial sessions they are taken through various exercises which will help them get comfortable with acting. They are also taught, though games and exercises, methods to develop self confidence, indulge in creativity, enhance their imagination, learn to trust in others and develop focus in their actions. Their presentation and oratory skills will also be touched upon helping them to be better speakers.
• Be aware yourself and surroundings, Confidence Building
• Exercising your body and emotions
• Getting comfortable with Acting
• Acting practical’s, Work in Children’s Plays
• Group scenes
• Exploring Emotions
• Trust Building, Group Discussions
• Voice and Speech
• Improve concentration
• Voice your emotions
• Creativity and imagination
• Text reading and comprehension
• Scene Enactment
As a Child Actor in Films, Theatre and TV Serials, This course will build confidence in your Child, we have seen that such confidence building course always increase marks in Academic Studies.
Big Art Institute