Diploma in Advance Animation and Film Making

” Diploma in Advance Animation & Film Making – One Year ” program is specially designed for candidates who want to build career in the field of Animation and Film Making, Course include Animation and Film making from Pre production and production program focusing on all creative aspects, 3D characters development, BG Modelling and Surfacing, Lighting, Rendering, Character animation, Rigging and Character set up.
Course Module : Course is divided into 3 parts

1. Visualization (visual techniques) and 3D Asset
2. 3D Character Development, Animation and Effects
3. 3D Compositing, Editing and Showreel

Visualization (visual techniques) and 3D Asset – Pre production
This Course helps students to shape their imagination through techniques of sketching/Drawing. Then digitized their visualization and animate with effects and sound In 3D animation & VFX texturing, shading and light play an important part to give a real life look and feel.

Visualization and Modern Techniques
• Sketching Essentials
• Pre Production
• Visual Image
• Animating Images
• Image Effects
• Image Mixing

Digital Graphics
• Script to Screen
• Color Key & Matte Painting
• 3D Modeling
• 3D Shading & Texturing
• 3D Lighting and Rendering
• Environmental 3D Modeling

3D Character Development, Animation and Effects – Production
After developing their visualization and 3D asset, here the student learn the techniques of creating their 2D characters into 3D matching with the real life look and feel. Also the student learn to fine tune the texturing and look through 3D painting and module look. Further they learn to add rig to the character for animation, then add hair, fur and cloth which transform the character to real life character. And finally by adding particles and fluid simulation to create special effects such as waterfall, fire, explosions, etc.

3D Character Development
• Creating 3D Character
• 3D Shading & Texturing
• Character Look Development
• Character Rigging
• Character Animation
• 3D Lighting

3D Animation and VFX
• Character Rendering using Vray
• 3D Render
• Hair, Fur, Cloth
• 3D VFX – Dynamics & Particles
• VFX – Fluid Simulation

3D Compositing, Editing and Showreel – Post Production
The final stage where the student develop their post production skills. Here they composite the work they have done till now and edit it with adding audio to create the final output. The Showreel integrate all the skills and imagination into an impactful and impressive 3D creation student have learned during the program right from techniques, 3D asset, character creation and special effects to the final composite.

3D Compositing, Editing and Showreel
• CGI Compositing
• Node Based Compositing
• Audio Editing
• Video Editing
• Final Showreel
• Promotion
• Launch
• Maintenance

Match moving artist, Compositor, 3d Modeling Artist, Rigging Artist, Animator, Background Artist, Story Broad Artist, Texture Artist, Lighting Artist…….

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