Diploma in Animation and VFX

“Diploma in Animation and VFX – One Year” program is for the student who wish to develops skills in graphics, 3D, compositing, audio & video, by using a specific process of VFX. In This program students will start from sketching basics to being able to create visual effects, this will help the them to bring their ideas to life. The specialization program allows them to build their core abilities and advanced skills in the specialization of the student choice.
You will be mastered in these Softwares :Adobe photoshop , Autodesk Maya, Autodesk 3Ds Max, Adobe premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects
Course Module : Course is divided into 3 parts

1. Digital Graphics
2. 3D, Compositing and VFX
3. VFX with Specialization

Digital Graphics
Digital Graphics course begin with bringing student ideas to life through sketching and then transforming into digital images. Then student will move to creating 3D graphics and learn how to make digital eBooks and animate the digital images.

Digital Fundamentals
• Sketching Essentials
• Graphic Fundamentals
• Transformation of Digital Image

Digital Graphics
• 3D Digital Graphics
• Creation of Digital Image
• Creating eBook
• Digital Images Animation

3D, Compositing and VFX
Here student will learn different aspects of 3D, like modeling,texturing, shading, lighting and the basics of Rigging and Animation. In Compositing and VFX, the student will learn the fundamentals of filmmaking and photography.They learn CGI compositing and VFX like roto, paint, camera tracking, Audio and Video editing.

Digital 3D
• Modeling
• Texturing
• Rigging
• Animation
• Lighting
• Rendering

Compositing and VFX
• Film Making
• Photography
• CGI compositing
• Camera Tracking
• Audio and Video Editing

VFX with Specialization
After learning cinematography and VFX the student will learn the individual components and related software for creating dynamics, effects, fluids, particles, chroma keying, compositing and match moving. Now students have completed learning digital graphics, digital 3D, compositing & VFX and advanced VFX, they will select one specializations skills related to that specialization.

Matte Painter, Compositor, Rigging Artist, VFX Supervisor, Production Assistant, Production Designer, Many More….

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