Diploma in Art and Craft Teacher – One Year

One Year Diploma in Art and Craft Teachers : 120 sessions ( Three Days in a week )This Course is For School Teachers, Nursury School Teachers and Housewife who are interested in starting their home tuition Business & Career.

Diploma in Art & Craft TeacherDuration : One year
3 Days in a Week (3 Hrs. per day) – Total 120 Session

Course Content
1) Drawing / Sketching

• Free hand Drawing figure study
• Flowers, Nature Study
• Rendering and Texture
• Perspective Drawing (Proportion Volume)
• Indoor and Outdoor Drawing and Sketching
• Still Life
• Shading
• Hatching

2) Painting
• Water Colour/Oil Colours/Acrylic Colours
o Wash technique
o Wet into wet
o Controlled wash
o Sponge effects

• Landscape
• Still Life
• Portrait

3) Calligraphy

• Alphabetic Study
• Study of Cursive Style Freehand Creative Writing
• Writing with Calligraphy Pen

4)Traditional/Tribal art
Warli / Miniature

6)Paper Articles

Craft Work
• Quilling Art
• Flower Making
• Paper Collage

Ornamental Design on cloth, Various types of Flowers on fabric, Pearl Colour

• Be a Business Entrepreneur by starting your own Hobby Classes/Art Classes , Elementary Grade Examination Classes
• Work as Art Dealer / Art Curator
• Work as Teacher in Preschool/ Art schools or Start own Art Tuition Business
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