Fashion Photography

A genre of photography that deals exclusively with fashion and fashion related events can be termed as fashion photography. It has carved a niche over time in the fashion world but has emerged as a promising career option only in the recent times.
The main purpose of fashion photography is to endorse or encourage fashion clothes or accessories in the society.Well known designers and fashion houses often demand creative fashion photographers to enhance the impact of their creative works. These photographers work with models and click pictures of designer accessories in the studios and showrooms as well as during fashion shows. To become a fashion photographer, one should have an excellent sense of aesthetic sensitivity, a thorough knowledge of cameras, its technicalities and perspective, along with good visual imagination, computer awareness, and communicating skills.

He She should know about the current trends, styles, and its demands. Due to its appealing coverage of glamorous models and glossy prints with exposure to exotic locations and personal publicity in fashion journals and other magazines, fashion photography has become a sought-after career option among youngsters.

This fashion photography two months course begins with an introduction to the techniques of studio photography: use of studio equipment, basic studio lighting techniques as well as characteristics of different light shapers. This knowledge is then applied to standard fashion lighting styles that can be combined in multiple ways to create an individual visual language.The studio is reinvented for every shoot and this is particularly true for Fashion Photography. Excellent preparation and a clear plan of the goals and visual language is essential. After introducing key Fashion Photographers and how to create a Fashion Mood Board, the fashion photography course leads to a full scale shoot that involves a team of models, stylists and hairmake-up artists.

What will we cover?

The Principles of Light and how to control it
Lighting Equipment & Light Shapers
Use of Incident Light Meters
Backgrounds and Props
Creating a Mood Board
Leading a team of models, stylists and hair/make-up artists
How to analyse reference images
Introducing Key Fashion Photographers
Rembrandt Lighting
Paramount Lighting
Key-, Fill- and Hair Light
Background Lighting
Shoot with integrated Digital Postproduction
Standard Lighting Styles and Studio Set-Ups

Gears and Basics Portrait Photography, Styling Angle of Light Backgrounds, Frontal Lighting, Total Back-lighting ,Natural Light Portrait , Flash photography , High fashion Photoshop.

Career ProspectsThose, who are interested in making fashion photography as their profession, should be ready for a stiff competition in this fast changing fashion world. Most fashion photographers work under specialist studios or freelancers hired by fashion houses or ad agencies. They can work for newspapers, magazines, and even big departmental stores. Nowadays, skilled photographers, who have a strong background in graphic designing, are in high demand for several appealing websites as well. Most fashion photographers, however, prefer freelance work. The bright career of these fashion photographers can enable them diversify into a different avenue of freelancing work or by opening an own studio.

Though it is rare to enter as a fashion photographer directly into the fashion world, one can start your career as an established photographer’s studio assistant. At this stage, one can easily earn around Rs. 20,000 per month.

With increasing exposure to the fashion industry, one could learn faster and extract anywhere between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 25,000 per day. Once established, there is no looking back for professionals. This extremely glamorous profession provides one with a good number of perks and incentives as well.

The most demanding features of this career are its nature of freelancing work according to one’s convenience.

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