Photo Journalism and Street Photography

Photojournalism and Street Photography is a form of journalism, wherein the person clicks, develops, and submits images relevant to a news story.

Initially, the term ‘photojournalism’ was restricted to still photography. Its scope has now widened and in the present time, photo journalists even shoot videos to come up with a good news item/ feature – a trend commonly seen in citizen journalism.

Photo journalism is not merely about taking the best shots, but also how to click news-worthy photographs, in accordance with the interest of the reader. Generally, the work of a photojournalist is quite similar to a reporter, except the fact that a photo journalist doesn’t gather, write, and report news stories. To become a successful photojournalist, one should have thorough knowledge about the three principles of photo journalism – timeliness, objectivity, and narrative.

He/She should be able to use modern gadgets like digital camera, state-of-the-art studios, and other software in order to develop quality photographs. Photojournalism is a lucrative career option in India, since it has become an integral part of mainstream journalism

Photo Journalism and Street Photography ( Two Months Course)

A picture is worth a thousand words. But what makes a good picture?

This course combines street photography and photojournalism to provide the foundations for creative journalistic thinking.
And also the mechanics and aesthetics of good photography in order to create engaging images and communicate to editors and the general public.
• Intro to photojournalism and News Photography
• Lenses and equipment
• The Power of Composition
• Photojournalism as a Medium
• Digital Photography for Publication
• The Photo Story, Learning to relate.
• A study of life and people
• Portraiture
• Urban Photography and Street Art
• Documenting History
• Markets, Street Performers
• The Eye-witness and The Concerned Photographer
• Ethics of Photojournalism
• The Editing Process & The Digital Darkroom

Career Prospects

Photojournalists can work for newspapers, magazines, or any other media houses. One can opt for commercial photography, fashion photography, industrial photography, wildlife photography, aerial photography, scientific photography, etc. as his/her specialized field.


Newspapers and news agencies pay according to the assignment offered to the photojournalists. Generally, at the beginning of the career, a photojournalist can earn around Rs. 15,000 – 25,000 per month. The experienced ones can easily extract between Rs. 5,0000 and Rs. 80,000 per month. Those who have acquired perfection in the field are offered high pays by reputed organizations.

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