Product Photography

Product Photography
The field of Food & Product Photography opens up a great number of possibilities for photographers aiming to extend their expertise and career opportunities. Commercial and Stock Photography is a demanding and ever changing market and keeping up with new trends is essential.This workshop will look at the principles of Food & Product Photography, identifying some of the challenges and how to resolve them. It offers an in-depth research and practice on how different foods, textures and products ( Metal, Glass, Fabric, Plastic Etc ) respond to different types of light.
Each student will, in turns, act as photographers, assistants, prop designers & stylists – improving skills into every aspect that makes a great final image.
• Introduction to Food/Product Photography ( Food, Metal, Glass, Plastic, Fabric,Paper etc )
• The principles of shooting food/products
• Lighting, using flash, hot lights, strobes and natural light
• Other equipment, umbrellas, soft boxes, backgrounds, props, etc
• Hero shots and how to dress/organise food/products visually with in a group shot
• Access and analyse trends & other Food/Product Photography
• Work on visually forming an idea before shooting and subsequently how to achieve it
• Post-Production work, retouching and image manipulation
• Design an advert or a magazine spread using the Food/Product images shot during the week.Course Overview : In this course student learn about Product lighting techniques. Also the student learn to control the light and shadows as per different product requirement. Further they learn specific technique for specific products. student also learn about food styling, value of composition and concept shoot. They also learn about the post production technique in Photoshop.

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