Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography :

Wedding photographers click pictures and capture different moods of individuals and small or large groups at a wedding function and frame these magical moments of life forever. Over the last few years, wedding photography seems to have become one of the most integral parts of modern wedding rituals in India. In fact, wedding looks out of place without a professional photographer. Wedding photographers are hired to capture both posed and candid moments in between the frenetic preparations and hundreds of emotions, which, in the end, create precious memories for families involved in the auspicious ceremony. As such, individuals with a craze and passion of attending the grand ceremonies of marriages and capturing the precious moments on the wide lens can give this creative interest a serious thought. They can idyllically think of making a prospering career in wedding photography. With the increasing number of marriages taking place in both lavish and sophisticated manners with immense pomp and grandeur, well-known wedding photographers can find themselves in demand and booked with back-to-back wedding photography sessions.

Course Details

To make a career in wedding photography, one needs to complete a course in photography to learn the basics and minute details of photography. In addition to the requisite knowledge of photography techniques and skills, one needs to possess creativity, talent, and business acumen to excel in this field. A 10th pass student with good aesthetic sense is eligible for Diploma/Certificate courses in photography both on part-time and full-time basis.

You will come away with an understanding of how to approach this field of photography with confidence and curiosity as well as the beginning of a great portfolio of work to get your new career started in style.

Being responsible for capturing the memories of the most important day of a “ couples “ life is what makes wedding photography so special, it will make you a better photographer in every way.

• Understanding various lighting conditions and working within the constraints of natural/ambient light.
• Manual vs priority settings – benefits and potential pitfalls.
• Practical Still life session: Bridal details – macro techniques & composition.
• Pre-Wedding/Portrait shoot: A playful portrait session, student on student in a relaxed setting
• How to communicate with your clients and manage their expectations both prior to and during their wedding day.
• Bridal Prep Shoot: Working with a model, simulating Bridal preparation with Hair & Make-Up Stylist
• Bridal portrait session on Location
• Working in shadow & direct sunlight
• Composition, Direction and Posing
• Experimenting with depth of field and motion/shutter speeds using various focal lengths
• Using reflectors and On-camera Flash/Speed lights
• Sources of inspiration – Wedding photographers : a look at their body of work & visual language
• Workflow – From Raw File to finished image.

Career Prospects

Like photography, wedding photography is highly competitive and survival of the finest is one of the most important aspects in this career option. What matters here is the quality and art instead of quantity. Therefore, delivering premium quality to the clients is the first and foremost job of a wedding photographer. The most useful way of gaining experiencing in this field is to work as an assistant photographer under an established and prominent professional. Majority of the work of wedding photographers, in general, involves clicking pictures of weddings and family portraits. After gaining experience, most wedding photographers work independently and establish themselves as top-notch professionals in their respective areas.


While assisting any established photographer in the beginning, one can earn anywhere between several hundred rupees to Rs. 3,000 per wedding. The pay bounces up with increasing number of marriages attended in a single month. As a freelance photographer, one can make up to Rs. 20,000 to 45000/- for a single wedding ceremony. The most established and high profile wedding photographers demand Rs.50000 to Rs.90000/-, or even more, when contacted for celebrity weddings.

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