Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is a genre of photography which is devoted to displaying clothing and other fashion items. Fashion photography is most often conducted for advertisements or fashion magazines. Over time, fashion photography has developed its own aesthetic in which the clothes and fashions are enhanced by the presence of exotic locations or accessories. With its huge audience, high pay-checks and glamorous international lifestyle, fashion photography may seem like one of the world’s most sought-after professions. But for every fashion photographer who makes it through the door of a top magazine, a thousand others find their niche fashion advertising, art photography, celebrity portraiture or even paparazzi work to make a living.

The kind of photography we all think of when we think of “fashion photography” is usually editorial photography. These are the kind of images we would see in about four-ten page spreads that hold together as a “fashion story” near the back half of a fashion magazine. The purpose of this photography is to show an editorial point of view – to sell a “story” or theme. Often themes can centre on trends, seasons, colors, popular culture, movies, art and/or literature.We make the distinction between editorial and fashion noting that fashion sells a lifestyle and editorial sells a story.

What to do.
Fashion photographers are responsible for overseeing the entire fashion photography production, from makeup, hair styling, apparel, and lighting. The role of a fashion photographer is to ensure the final photograph of the product meets the satisfaction of the publication or client. Fashion photographers have an exemplary eye for design, while understanding how to perfectly highlight the perfect features within a photographic scene.

Take photos of models according to the client’s specifications
Be able to work with studio lighting in order to bring out the best features of the models
Establish good working relationship with models so they will feel at ease with the camera
Use various props and back drafts to create an appropriate photo setting
Produce unique, creative and artistic fashion photo concepts that will entice consumers
Do photo shoots in a wide variety of locations and be able to work well with varying light conditions
Coordinate with fashion stylists, art directors, agents and fashion editors
Create rapport with models to produce excellent pictures
Maintain a relaxing and professional atmosphere to allow models to feel comfortable
Bring out the best in models during photo shoots
Achieve excellent poses by boosting the confidence of the models


Good eye and artistic ability
Strong ability to capture and set a certain mood
Superb artistic detail
Knowledge in photo editing applications
Success-driven and with a credible reputation
Good communication skills
Ability to work well with models, art directors, agents and other clients