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Big Art Goals

Big Art is a Growing Brand in Visual and Performing Art Education

We are Committed to :-

1.To Provide Art Education at Affordable Fee , with Online Webinar Based coaching. 
2.To Build Network of Professional, Experienced, Qualified Tutors Network across India in Visual and Performing Art.
3.To Support Tutors by providing Updated New Generation syllabus, Leads Generation Marketing, CRM software, E Learning Audio Visual products so that Tutors can Teach more Efficiently, benefiting all Students.

Big Art Business Pvt Ltd is India’s most trusted Art Learning Network. Our Goal is to promote Art Education from schools to Colleges by designing Standardise Skill Based Syllabus and Trained Tutors.

With our Verified Tutors, Trainers & Institutes, we are a trusted partner of choice for Indian students, parents and professionals visiting us every month to full fill Art Based learning requirements for the Subjects Fine Art , Graphic Designing, Digital painting, Children Art Classes, Photography, Videography, Acting and Digital Marketing.

Big Art is helping all Tutors to setup your Tuition Business. We will do it by Providing you given 6 support Modules.

1. Syllabus Guidance and Fees structure
2. CRM support Software
3. Students Leads Generation in your Locality
4. Training Videos
5. Equipment support and guidance
6. FREE webpage for Promotion

Big Art Mission

Today, opportunities are increasing at a rapid rate in the Visual arts and Performing Arts Sector. Artists can avail a career options in various fields such as art studios, advertising companies, publishing houses, product design, manufacturing department, magazines, television, graphic arts, teaching, files & theatre productions and many more which is belong arts department. Multi-national companies are treating Fine Art Students on a par with engineering students.

Keeping in Mind the importance of Art education, Big Art has mission to promote it through 100% Practical Training in Classroom, Online  Webinar Based Training, Skill Development programs at Schools and Colleges, Creative Art Olympiad for Schools and also Learning Kits.

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