Career in Video Editing

A career in video editing is an interesting option for creative people who like to work in entertainment and media industry. It is a process of modifying or re-arranging the parts of the video from one or more video tapes to create a final piece of video.A career in video editing has become lucrative with the arrival of movie clips and streaming videos in websites. Since this field is highly competitive, the video editors should be ready for tough competition. Growing popularity of online video clips has resulted in increased video editing activities by the internet users.

Your tasks:
Video editing plays a significant role in the post-production process.The major task of video editor includes editing of soundtracks, video, and film for the motion picture and broadcast visual media industries. Video editing is categorized as Linear Editing and Non-Linear Editing or Digital Video Editing. Digital video editing involves the use of computer technology for the onscreen editing process. In Non-Linear Editing, audio and video data are captured to hard disk and then edited on the computer using various software.

Majority of film and video editors work on a freelance basis, taking short-term projects for TV companies, corporate employers and post-production studios. You may also find work in a variety of productions, including TV programs, feature films, corporate training videos, commercials and music videos. As you gain experience, you may start receiving more assignments, and you may find positions in larger TV stations. In the industry of motion pictures, you may get promoted from an assistant editor to an editor in an advertising agency, TV program or movie studio. You may also teach in a film school, technical school or at a university.

The video editors should possess the skills such as high level of self-motivation, creativity, a keen eye for detail, general knowledge of cameras and digital camera technology and dedication to work.

On an average, a film and video editor earns Rs. 75,000 to Rs. 614,000 per year. He may also earn an additional bonus of around Rs. 30,000. Some employers may also agree to share their profit with the editors, which may account up to Rs. 1,050 to Rs. 10,000 per project. In total, a film and video editor earns Rs.76,000 to Rs. 888,000 per year.