” Commercial Photographer ”Certificate Course by MSME, Govt Of India

Course Name : ” Commercial Photographer ”Certificate Course by MSME, Govt Of India

Certificate By : IDEMI, Ministry of MSME , Govt Of India

Courses Starting From – 15th May 2019

Duration – 4 Months

Fee : Rs.20000/-  ( Payment Online )

For Payment Click here : https://bigartinstitute.com/online-products/photography-tips-and-tricks-for-beginners-7-days-course


Language : Hindi / English

About This Course :

In this Photography Course for, you breathe and live photography for  Four months.

By the end of this   Commercial Photographer Course you will feel extremely empowered, fully in control of your camera and will see the world with brand new eyes. To achieve a big Goal we need to have our basics clear. This Course helps students to Understand all the basics like the How the Image is captured, Basic camera diagram, Working of Camera, what are the types of camera, How lens work, Types of lenses, Exposure triangle and how it

IMP points : Course available in HINDI  Language.

You will get  16 Webinar Lectures and Assignments by Our Faculty.

You will Get  Detailed Videos of complete Curriculum on Mobile App

Question Answer sessions and  Guidance from Tutor

Examination and Assignments

You will get Photography Big Art  E -Book.

Attendance for Webinar Classes and Completion of Assignments are compulsory. Examination Marks are on the basis of Attendance and Assignments Given by Faculty.

You need to have your own Camera