Importance of Art Education in Schools

Written By : Bhoomika Shanbhag

Art : ventilation of an artist’s ardour
Art is a way of communication or implementation of an individual’s creative expertise and passion. Creativity is a task due to which an advanced objective or a body in a brand new embodiment is constructed. It is a process of original creation of any activity which is contrast to old or existing object and thus distinctive. Therefore
Art and creativity go hand in hand.

Fine Art
Fine art is an artist’s creativity, visual appeal and a central aim to give a fascinating, artistic or cognitive fulfilment. It demands a huge mastery or attainment and is a confirmation of expression. An artist puts forward his perceptions, thoughts and feelings to the spectators.

Motive of Art
● Art gives scope to understand one’s lifestyle, culture, religious values, devotion etc by honouring or saluting and embellishing occurrences, record major ancient tales or convey any message or knowledge.
● Art is a medium of transferring objectives, sentiments, encounters or purpose at personal level.
● Art plays a major role in enhancing simple items helpful on daily basis with grace in a way the art form is as exquisite and attractive.
● Art is a way of portraying our feelings, creativity and boosting an individual’s happenings.

Child’s creative growth by art education
Art can aid kids to improve their hand-eye coordination ability, socializing efficiency and come up with their original artistic talent.
● It is scientifically proven that children who indulge in art perform better than compared to those children who do not.
● Art develops children’s cognition, attentiveness and uplifts self-confidence.
● Blending studies in a colourful art format can promote good understanding of concept or theories when routine teaching doesn’t help.
● Art stimulates children’s creative magnification.
● An art can guide a child to reveal his feelings which he/she cannot speak. Eg : A crime came forward when a girl drew a picture of herself naked showing sexual abuse with the help of art therapy.

Elimination of drop-out rates in school
● Only studies and no fun can make a child gloomy and affect their concentration levels therefore introducing art class or art therapy in between school timetable or curriculum will keep child active and thus reducing a high level of school drop-out in children.
● A child with learning disability can find his interest in studies through graphic illustration. Eg : Taare zameen par is an excellent example of Art and education collaboration.
● Through art a child’s talent can come forward which was not explored before.
● A child will get immersed in the magic of colors which will directly raise his mood, behaviour and personality.

Color psychology
1. Colors play an important part in our lives with a variety of colors in the universe. Colors have a good impact on a child’s perception. He/she gets a knowledge that there are lot of colors and mixing two colors a new color originates.
2. A child’s nature can be determined by the use of a particular color in his art.
● Purple color signifies passionate and creative person.
● Grey indicates cool and stable person.
● Orange denotes highly social person.
● Blue represents believable, reliable and firm person.
● Pink designates thoughtful and soft-hearted person.
● Red conveys aspiring and person with leadership qualities.

Overall art education can amplify a child’s sharpness, correct direction, determination, sympathy, unbiased opinion, handle a threat and complex issues.
Most importantly art elevates creativity, attentiveness and helps convey one’s thought, emotions and purpose.