Learn Oil Painting on Canvas, Landscape Painting – One Month


5,000.00 2,500.00

Course Fee : Rs.2500/-

Material Required : Oil paints, paintbrushes, turpentine and Canvas

What you’ll learn

  • Drawing , Lights and Shadow
  • Be Able To Complete Your Own Oil Painting.
  • Understand The Basics Of How The Process Is Created In Putting An Oil Painting Together.
  • Be More Comfortable When Practising Oil Painting.
  • Have A Basic Understanding Of How To Create Depth To An Oil Painting.
  • Have A Basic Understanding On How To Highlight And Blend Oil Paint On The Canvas.
  • Make Mistakes, Tone and colour handling, Composition.
  • Oil Colour Techniques and Application
  • Demo No. 1 – Step By Step
  • Demo no. 2 – Step by Step
  • Learn Landscape, Skies, Water




Material Required : Oil Painting Tubes, Brushes, Canvas paper, Palette,Turpentine.


1.How exactly do you operate?
Courses can be started at any time. When you enrol, you will get the course Text Books. You will get an Online Personal Tutor who will keep in touch with you and will guide you what practice work you will  do every week. Tutor will ask you to refer the syllabus books sent to you and also will send reference Videos on your WhatsApp time to time . At various points you are asked to submit assignments which will enable your course Tutor to assess your progress. Tutor will provide you with a personal critique following each submission and is available between 11 am to 5 Pm , Excluding Sunday / Public Holidays, between assignments to give help, advice and guidance as needed..

  1. Do I have to attend your Institute?
    No. All of our art courses are home study. You can study in the leisure of your own home at your own pace.
  2. Will I need to attend any classroom courses?
    No. There are no face to face sessions and the Course Certificate is based on evaluation of your submitted work. This can be sent by Email/WhatsApp.
  3. How long does it take for my tutor to deal with my work?
    Our tutors are professional artists as well as qualified teachers. The tutors to endeavour to send students their critiques within Max 1/3 days.
  4. Can I , e-mail / WhatsApp my assignments?
    Yes You can take photographs of your Art work on your Mobile camera and Email/ WhatsApp to your Designated Tutor.
  5. Will I need any specific computer software on any of the courses?
    Your Tutor may sent you Reference E learning Audio visual Training Material and also Online Training Lectures during the Course as and when required. You Need computer and Internet, and Smart Phone.
  6. Who are Your own personal tutor
    Every student is assigned a personal Tutor who will review and critique your artwork providing tailored help and advice individual to you. All of our tutors are talented painters and illustrators, active and successful, with formal teaching qualifications.