6 months – Online Drawing Painting – above 14 Yrs (No Age Limit)


5,500.00 2,900.00

Total Course Fee – Rs.17400/-

( To Be Paid in equal Monthly Instalment of Rs.2900/- )

Online Drawing and painting Course – 6 Months duration

Age : Above 14 Years (No Age Limit)
Course can be started any time
Course Fee – Rs. 2900/- per month x 6 Months

Pay Online
Importance of Course :
1.Get Personal Online Tutor who will guide to complete Your assignments.
2.Discussion on telephone with Tutor Once in a Week ( 10/15 Min Call)

3. Ask All your questions to Tutor.
4. Get your Tutor’s Critics on your Practice Artwork on WhatsApp / E Mail. 
5.Get Study  Syllabus Books  by Known Artists & Sketching Book /Pencils.
6.Get Tips, Tricks, Online Training & Videos,Time to Time by Tutor.  

Certificate from Big Art Institute                                                   



FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Course languages : You can Select English , Hindi , Marathi

1. How exactly do you operate?
Courses can be started at any time. When you enrol, you will get the course material Books and Painting Kit. You will get an Online Personal Tutor who will keep in touch with you and will guide you what practice work you will  do every week. Tutor will ask you to refer the syllabus books sent to you and also will send reference Videos on your WhatsApp time to time . At various points you are asked to submit assignments which will enable your course Tutor to assess your progress. Tutor will provide you with a personal critique following each submission and is available ( Friday, Saturday, Sunday between 11 am to 5 Pm , Excluding Public Holidays ) between assignments to give help, advice and guidance as needed. An average student working 3 to 4 hours a week will finish your course in around 6 months.

2. Do I have to attend your Institute?
No. All of our art courses are home study. You can study in the leisure of your own home at your own pace.

3. Will I need to attend any classroom courses?
No. There are no face to face sessions and the Course Certificate is based on evaluation of your submitted work. This can be sent by Email/WhatsApp. Posted work is returned with your course tutor’s critique. Also your designated Tutor will be available from 11 am to 5 Pm ( Friday,Saturday,Sunday , Excluding common holidays) with prior appointment, to answer your queries on telephone or whatsapp chat.

4. Can I start the Course Straight Away?
Yes. You can start as soon as you enrol and receive your course programme in Audio Visual pendrive form through the post.

5. How long does it take to complete a course?
Most of our students study with us part -time. We believe that the average student working 6 to 8 hours a week can expect to complete a certificate course in around six months.

6. What if I need more time?
Obviously the Big Art Institute needs to plan the allocation of work to our course artists/Faculty carefully to ensure they are able to give each student personal attention and support. If students enroll and then “disappear” for a long period, it can cause problems when they suddenly reappear . Institute will give each student a start and end date and each student shall follow these dates to complete her/his course in time.

7. How does Home Study work?
Our carefully written courses cover much more areas as might be covered by your local college. However, unlike your local college, home study means that you work entirely from home, completely in your own time and without ever having to attend classes or lectures.

8. Are you an academic college?
We are a vocational, not an academic college and courses are primarily intended to help them develop their Skills, for Commercial applications of their art.

9. How is work sent and critiqued?
Each course is divided into progressive study units and at various points students are asked to submit the best examples of their work to date to the course artist to consider and critique. The critiques are produced individually in response to each submission and are sent to the student with the work they have just sent in. Thus the student builds up a reference library of their original study units, their course artists critiques and a growing portfolio of their own work.

10. How long does it take for my tutor to deal with my work?
Our tutors are professional artists as well as qualified teachers. The tutors to endeavour to send students their critiques within Max 1/3 days.

11. Can I , e-mail / WhatsApp my assignments?
Yes You can take photographs of your Art work on your Mobile camera and Email/ Whatsapp to your Designated Tutor.

12. Do I need any qualifications before I enrol?
No previous experience or qualifications are required.

13. What Qualifications will I receive once I have completed my course?
We are a vocational not an academic college and therefore although the course will teach you the basic principles and will encourage you to develop a personal style of working which can be helpful in helping you stand out from the crowd, your course does not carry academic credits. You will be encouraged to develop a portfolio of work that should be useful later. You will Get Certificate From “Big Art” , Out Tutor will guide you to prepare your Best Portfolio which will help you to get Artistic Works, Job and Freelance Designing Works.

14. Are there any Exams or is it based on coursework?
Yes we conduct online exams and students are supposed to submit his/Her portfolio work to get Grades “A”, “B”, “C”.

15. Who offers me advice, help and guidance when I need it?
Your course tutor will respond to questions between assignments and will send a personal critique each time you send in coursework.

16. Will I need any specific computer software on any of the courses?
Your Tutor may sent you Reference E learning Audio visual Training Material and also Online Training Lectures during the Course as and when required. You Need computer and Internet, and Smart Phone.

17. Does Big Art Institute set a timetable for studies and the submission of work?
Each Student will get dedicated Tutor who will discuss with student and give him / Her time table.

18. How to Purchase our Art Courses Online
All fees are charged in Indian Rupees.Students can start course paying by debit/credit card.

19. Who are Your own personal tutor
Every student is assigned a personal Tutor who will review and critique your artwork providing tailored help and advice individual to you. All of our tutors are talented painters and illustrators, active and successful, usually with formal teaching qualifications.
20. What are subjects in course syllabus ?
• Perspective
• Drawing in pencil
• Drawing plants and flowers
• Drawing animals
• Drawing out of doors
• Distinction between pen and pencil
• Materials and colours
• Watercolour techniques and preparation
• Size and proportion of pictures
• Composition
• Landscapes
• Oil painting on Canvas
• Experiments with style
• Acrylics on Canvas
• Capturing life and movement
Our tutors are practising artists themselves, sharing their experience and expertise through structured assessments and feedback. Combined with the opportunity to discuss your art with other students in our friendly forum, the course offers a perfect environment to achieve your full artistic potential.
21. What your Study kit Covered ?
Your Study kit include Syllabus Books by Known Artists. This will be delivered to your Doorstep within 7 days after your Payment of Course FEE.
22. Give more Information on Tutor Support
The tutors provide the technical support to deal with relevant queries.
Big Art Courses have their own dedicated Tutor. The tutor keeps the course up to date and relevant to today’s students. They are available to the individual student for advice and encouragement. Each course has regular exercises and assignments that are constructed in such a way as to give the student the opportunity to practice the techniques learnt on the course and to test themselves as they go along. The student is encouraged to submit the assignment work to the Institute for the tutor to critique. The student’s work will be returned together with the tutor’s personal critique.

23. Art Courses ( short Term Drawing and painting) Price List & Course Payment
• Courses can be purchased and started at any time.
• Enrolment applications are normally processed within two working days
• Course Fee is Rs.17400.00/- to be Paid in equal Monthly Instalment of Rs.2900/-