Online Photography Foundation Course – One Month


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Syllabus and Information about – One Month Photography Foundation Course
In this Photography Course for Beginners, you breathe and live photography for one month.
By the end of this Foundation Digital Photography Course you will feel extremely empowered, fully in control of your camera and will see the world with brand new eyes.To achieve a big Goal we need to have our basics clear. This Course helps students to Understand all the basics like the How the Image is captured, Basic camera diagram, Working of Camera, what are the types of camera, How lens work, Types of lenses, Exposure triangle and how it

IMP points : Course available in HINDI Or ENG Language.

  1. You will get Webinar Lectures by Our Faculty.
  2. You will Get  Videos explaining the Basics of Camera and Photography Tips.
  3. You will get Complete Guidance from Tutor
  4. You Can Call  and Discuss all your query  with your Tutor ( Max 10 Minutes each Call, Time 1030Am to 530 Pm, Excluding Holiday ). You can Call to Tutor in 7 Days From the Date of your Payment, i.e. starting your course.
  5. You will get Photography Big Art  E -Book.
  6. Assignment will be given by Tutors in these 30 Days and Tutor will give you Critics

Fees : Rs.5500/- Watch this video to know Career in Photography, This Course is your First STEP towards Big Photography Career




Online Photography  Foundation  One Month Course – Syllabus

• Getting to know your Camera (How light is capture; transformed into images)
• Camera Resolution (Megapixels) and Print Size
• Lenses (Focal Lengths, Macro, Prime & Zoom Lenses)
• Manual and Autofocus (Focusing Points, Autofocus Lock, Single or Continuous Focus)
• Manual Exposure (ISO, Shutter Speeds, F/Stops and The Light Meter)
• Metering Modes (Evaluative, Matrix, Spot Metering)
• Depth of Field (Shallow, Deep, Hyper Focal Distance)
• Motion (Freezing, Blurring & Panning)
• Picture Styles / Picture Control (Colour, Black and White, Sepia etc…)
• Aperture Priority, Shutter Speed Priority and Program Modes
• Scene Modes
• White Balance (Pre-set and Custom)
• The Temperature of Light (Natural & Artificial Colour Cast)
• Composition (Framing)
• Elements of Design (Seeing vs Looking)
• Lenses and Perspective (the right choice of focal length)
• People & Places
• Theme Photography and Assignments