Diploma in Theatre Acting – 6 Months

This is 6 Months Course – Every Saturday and Sunday ( 4 Hours)
Batches – 9 Am to 1 Pm and 2 Pm to 6 Pm
This Diploma Course in Theatre Acting is Designed Considering that the student joining the course, are fresh from schoolsThis course would help a Student:
1.To Discover their hidden acting potential , To get in touch with the self
2.To enhance sensitivity

Acting programme will enable a student to draw from his/her own creativity and attain proficiency in capturing and fascinating the audience through powerful portrayal of human emotions.

classes will be held on physical fitness, yoga, voice modulations, music and Theatre acting.
The main objective will be to provide well trained actors suitable to the growing demands of the Film and Television Industry.

Considering that the student joining the course, are fresh from schools it is important to draw their attention to the realities, they will be facing by choosing the career of Acting in Theatre , Film and Television Industry.

All the theoretical topics are supported by Practical, Emphasis is given on Practical exercises for the course.
We use multimedia presentations, illustrations, stories, guided tours and any other Audio Visual means during the course. Interaction with students is also vital to make the subject interesting.

Our first objective of is to understand student ability or limitation. This will help us to evaluate a student progress, both qualitative and quantitative for an assignment.
About big Art Skill Institute of Acting :
Big Art is India’s finest acting school for talented individuals who wish to pursue careers as actors in the entertainment industry. Established in 2015 by Atul Shirwadkar and Hemant Gharat,The classes at Big Art are conducted by competent in-house faculty members who passionately teach the craft through practical, theory classes, games, exercises and extensively Theatre/filmed practicals. In addition, there are Theatre celebrities, which comprises the schools visiting faculty, who share with students their invaluable on-the-job experiences and tips to success.



Theatre is an actor’s medium. Theatre as a platform helps an actor to drill and know himself/herself more to be able to adapt to the director’s vision or requirement in film and television.

1. Elements Of Acting, Action Problems, Diction & Language, Voice Culture, Pitch Play
2. Voice Modulation & Variation
3. Body Language (Theatre Workshop), Clowning (Theatre Workshop)
4. Imagination Exercises, Sense Memory, Reaction Timing , Improvisations
5. Theory Of Emotions (Nav Rasas), Physiology Of Emotions
6. Improvisation On Nav Rasas
7. Short Play (Theatre Workshop), Speech Learning
8. Grammar Of Speech
9. Monologues Preparation & Practice
10. Scene Study
11. Charakter Study / Characterisation, Character Improvisation
12. Scene Work
13. Story Adaptation
14. Actual Theatre Acting Experience
15. Camera Breakdown Of A Scene (Shot – Division)
16. Actual Theatre Acting Experience – One Act Plays, Group Plays.
17. Audition Approach and Practice


As an Actor in Films, Television serials, Theatre. As an anchor For various shows, can work as an acting Trainer, Acting will increase self confidence and soft skills in student, which is required in all types of Jobs.
Big Art institute