Workshop in Acting – 2Days

workshop in Acting for Beginners – 2 Days

Acting Techniques
This module equips an actor to engage in different genres of acting including drama, comedy across a spectrum of styles;from method to realistic to contemporary acting styles.

Scene Study
Breaking down each scene, looking at how it fits into the overall story and how and why the character is in the scene is known as scene study which is an essential component of actor training.

Actors must involve their entire bodies when acting. In this module they are trained to thoroughly understand the use of posture, gestures and expressions.

Voice & Speech and Diction.
Helps the students understand good vocal habits, develop their voice and voice modulation. With the help of breathing techniques, the students can strengthen their voice muscles and the importance of clarity of speech as well as expressions.

An Acting Class is Not Just for Actors
Acting classes aren’t just for actors. They can benefit anyone who must speak in public, have self-esteem and poise, and feel comfortable in their own body. Big Art prepares actors for a career in the industry. However, the lessons we teach are also applicable to today’s workplace. These classes give confidence, teach you how to think on your feet, and be ready for anything that may arise during a speech or presentation. By taking these classes, you open yourself up to a whole new level of professionalism that’s bound to impress.

Public Speaking
One way in which acting may be applied to real life is in public speaking. If you have to present a meeting, or take part in a town hall, acting gives you the confidence to do so without being overly nervous. Your acting training will allow you to feel comfortable speaking in front of others.

As a Lead Role or Character Actor in Films, Theatre and TV Serials, This course will build confidence in you, we have seen that such confidence building course always increase marks in Academic Studies.

By Big Art Institute