Diploma in Fine Art – 6 months

Diploma in Fine Art is six months Course ( New Improved Syllabus of 2018 )
1.Diploma in Fine Art with Digital painting – 6 Months
Time : 10 Am to 1 Pm ( Monday to Friday
3 Hours per Day / 5 Sessions per Week
Total 120 sessions

2.Diploma in Fine Art ( without Digital painting ) – 6 Months
Only Saturday and Sunday batch
This Batch is for Working People and also 10th/12th and College Students.

Fee instalment is available , For More Information : Talk to our Counsellors
We guide for jobs for students Completing Diploma in Fine Art with Graphic Designing Course.

What is Fine Arts Diploma ?

The term “fine art” refers to an art form practiced mainly for its aesthetic value and its beauty. It is undergraduate course, which deals with the study of drawing, sculpting, painting . This diploma educates the students to become artists .

What are the job roles for Fine Arts?

Painter ,Graphic Designer, Digital Designer, Artist ,Visualizing Professional ,Art and Craft Teacher ,Illustrator, Craft Artist, Animator ,Lecturer ,Art Museum Technician ,Art Conservator ,Art Director ,Website Designer, Modeler.

Who can study this course?

Candidates who passed 10th examination would be eligible for Diploma in fine arts.If you are looking for career in Designing ( NID , Architect,Fashion Designing, Graphic Designing, Advertising, Digital and social Media Marketing, E Commerce Companies, Films , Post production activities )

Industries / Companies / who hire these professionals ?

Publishing Houses, Design Manufacturing Companies ,Magazines, Textile Industry ,Colleges (Teaching) ,Digital Media ,Advertising Companies ,Films and television, Set Designers, Event management Companies, Art Galleries.

Total Sessions – 120
Course Syllabus :-

1) Drawing / Sketching : figure study, Flowers, Nature Study , Rendering and Texture, Geometrical Drawing and Perspective Drawing (Proportion Volume),2D Design, Indoor and Outdoor Drawing and Sketching, Still Life, Shading, Hatching

2) Painting : Medium( Water Color / Poster Colors, Oil on Canvas & Paper, Acrylic on Canvas & Paper)

Content (Landscape, Still Life, Portrait, Realistic Figurative Works )

3) Calligraphy:Alphabetic Study, Cursive Style Freehand Creative Writing,Writing with Calligraphy Pen

4) Digital Painting with Photoshop and pen Tablet:

Introduction to Photoshop and concept of Art, All about Brushes, Layers Intro,Tracing and Coloring, Manipulating Tools,Digital Painting

5) Illustration : Advertising illustration is the practice of using drawings and graphics to sell commercial products. (Character Designing,Cartoon Designing, Back Scenes and Atmosphere Design, Creative Design)

Student Responsibility: To participate fully in this course, students must:

Arrive on time and attend each class period.
Participate during class to the best of their abilities.
Complete assigned homework to the best of their ability and turn it in on time.
Understand if they have a question about what to do, or how to do it, it is their responsibility to seek answers to those questions.
Understand that to be successful in their academic life, they must take full responsibility for all learning experiences.

Skills for your CV

As well as developing practical and creative techniques in a range of media, a fine art deploma gives you skills in using different types of equipment and processes from hand tools and welding gear to digitisation.

Employers will also value the skills you have acquired, including:

1.The ability to develop individual ideas and collaborate with others;
strong observational, research and analytical skills;
creative problem solving;
2.The ability to learn from criticism and be objective about your work;
an openness to new influences and concepts;
3.Entrepreneurial skills in marketing your work and possibly setting up a business.

What is the career options for the Fine Arts ?

Today, opportunities are increasing at a rapid rate in the fine arts sector. We are the only institute teaching modern Technique such as “ Digital Painting”.

Fine Arts graduates can avail a career options in various fields such as art studios, advertising companies, publishing houses, product design, manufacturing department, magazines, television, graphic arts, teaching, files & theater productions and many more which is belong arts department.

Multi-national companies are treating Fine Art Students on a par with engineering students. From past two years, MNCs like Wipro and Digital Juice have been recruiting students from fine arts background on campus.

MNCs are looking forward to hire Fine and applied art students as visual designers, set designers, illustrators, artists, animators, graphic artists in advertising, designers, and cartoonists. Artists are getting recognition with advancement in computer and animation. They are needed in every field. Even the remuneration they receive is equal to that of engineers. You can join creative departments of advertising agencies, magazines, newspapers in the publishing industry or the textile industry. Electronic media, films and TV are other options.

Certificate by Big Art Skill Institute

Why students prefer “Big Art Institute” for Fine art  Diploma Course
1. if you want to make career in Creative filed, Graphics designing, Films, Digital marketing , then you must make your Fine Art skill perfect, in one your of diploma course, we cover all subject to make you perfect professional Artist
2.This is part time course and you can Study Fine Art while doing your regular Academic study.
3. Our faculty are BFA degree holders, we arrange professional artists as regular visiting faculty, we arrange regular outdoor sessions with 100% skill development syllabus.
4. At the end of this Course, you will create your own Portfolio, which is useful for getting Jobs.